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Tip preserving fresh vegetables half months

Hoàng Bảo An

Just change some normal routine, you will not have to throw out food that is beneficial to health. Some following tips will definitely help housewives comfortable reserves vegetables for long periods.

Classification of vegetables in the refrigerator before


Prior to the vegetables in the fridge, you should classify specific vegetable and entered private pockets before putting in the fridge. The reason is that each vegetable should be stored in a different time and may be damaged faster than others.

Store at temperature

Want fresh vegetables long, you should be refrigerated at a temperature of 1-4 degrees C. Since bacteria often thrive when vegetables are stored at temperatures above 4 degrees C, in contrast, if the temperature is too low to have frozen vegetables can make fast broken.

Do not wash vegetables before putting in the fridge

Do not wash vegetables before putting it in the refrigerator and wash just before releasing them or simply prepared food. The reason is because too much moisture causes susceptible vegetables discoloration or damage.

For foods and vegetables as beets, carrots, trench trend ... you should cut the tops before the refrigerator.

Use a plastic bag

Most fresh vegetables require from 80-95% humidity but the humidity of the refrigerator just stop at about 65%. So should the vegetables in plastic bags to prevent water evaporation when the refrigerator, especially things that no outer shell.


However, do not use plastic bags for mushrooms for 90% of the ingredients are water mushroom, we will quickly pour viscous when put into plastic bag. In addition, mushrooms also have limited ability to smell when preserving foods with strong odors. Therefore, it is best for food mushrooms or water in a paper bag.

Reserve vegetables and fruits separate

Most vegetables and fruits are classified into two groups: One group is seen as the "manufacturer" ethylene gas and other groups sensitive to ethylene. So if they will do joint storage products "sensitive" faster ripening.

Apple, papaya, bananas, avocados and tomatoes are considered a "manufacturer" of ethylene gas. Products such as lettuce, broccoli, lemon, orange and carrot belongs sensitive to ethylene gas group. Also, it should be noted bruising vegetables or some vegetables, fruits can also cause things to joint production lot more ethylene gas. Usually fruit produces more gas than other greens are quite sensitive to the effects of ethylene dangerous.

Reserve dark green leafy vegetables

Lettuce and herbs should be stored in plastic boxes have special zipper, specifically designed for the preservation of green vegetables. These boxes often have many short, grooved plastic between for air to circulate well or will have air vents.


Without this type of box, you use the zippered plastic bag with absorbent paper preserved vegetables. For 1 or 2 absorbent paper to the inside of the plastic bag, the vegetables on and unzipped. Blotter would drain moisture by plastic bag no vents. You can apply this method to lettuce, spinach, parsley, mustard green, similar to some vegetables.

Time to keep vegetables in the fridge:

- 2-3 days: asparagus, cabbage

- 3-5 days: broccoli, peas, green onions.

- 1 week: beans, cauliflower, cucumbers, leafy greens, leeks, lettuce, peppers, pumpkin.

- 1-2 weeks: celery.

- 2 weeks: beets, carrots, turnips.

Some tips to preserve each specific vegetables:

- Preservation of lettuce and celery: Be wrapped vegetables (already drained) with a paper towel and then put into a plastic bag. This will effectively with lettuce and celery and help vegetables stay fresh for at least a week.

- Store potatoes or onions were sliced: After sliced ​​potatoes or onions, also took tissue sections were cut and covered in plastic bags restocking zipper.


- Preservation of carrots: Carrots can keep fresh clean if tightly packed in a box of plastic to prevent evaporation or stored in a sealed container. They can last a week or longer.

- The tubers: potatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and sweet potatoes should be stored in a dark place or in a pocket of dark because sunlight makes them germinate and inedible. In the shops of the vegetable is often sold under the lights and this is not good for them.

- With leafy vegetables: Let the vegetables do not get wet will stay fresh longer.

According to Ha Vy (Life & Law)