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Tips wash vegetables thoroughly and safely

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Currently, many women still believe that, just wash your vegetables from 2-3 and then water is clean. When heating up the microbes and parasites will die. However, the fact, to really clean vegetables, the vegetables have to wash a lot more sophisticated.

You may refer to information on how to wash vegetables safely below Light:

Water washed, soaked

Make sure the water is clean. Now there are many localities still wash vegetables in water ponds, lakes, rivers ... so no hygiene and health safety.


Leaf vegetables

- With large leaf vegetables: These are vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce ... they must break out each branch and each leaf, to strong running water for a long time to clean off parasites if any. Flip through the surface to other similarly washed.

- The spike small vegetables like spinach, watercress, endive ... to wash several times, then wash small bundles with the fist under the tap.

The spike small vegetables like spinach, watercress, endive ... be washed several times, then wash small bundles with the fist under the tap (Photo: Internet)

After washing vegetables under running water rinse is finished can bring vegetables in pots 1-2 kingdoms.

To remove the cholera, after washing, the water can soak the vegetables through. A 10 liter water bath just for back teaspoon (one teaspoon) of salt soak for 5 minutes.

Sisters note, do not soak in water for too long because vegetables will lose a large amount of vitamins and minerals (based on the principle of osmosis, if a long soak vegetables in water will cause the water outside entering vegetables to achieve liquid equilibrium state. Until the cell wall is broken by osmosis water too much, the fluid in the cytoplasm will dissolve with water outside. So the quality of the vegetables are also air dinhduong tan).

Vegetables and fruit

Vegetables and fruit such as tomatoes, cucumbers ... When shopping on the mainland should not eat fruit washed and then wrapped each plastic in the refrigerator, eat after 2 days. In this way, vegetables maintaining freshness, while also having time to drug (probably insecticide) decomposition.

And if the vegetables should eat right, you should rinse under water and brine. However, avoid brine and place in the refrigerator for a day because of perishable fruit.

Root vegetables

When processed vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi ... wash trim and peel then washed again. This inhibits outside contaminants stick to the flesh tubers and roots bark has peeled.

Edible flowers

There are many flower vegetables such as United squash, melon bud, flower natural reasons, compared wand flower, flower ... US generally cork aloft and very hydrophobic drugs or distribution of plant protection spray directly on , dirty more difficult. When spraying, growers must use cover sheets should be processed face flower flowers just wash clean tap water is safe.