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Homemade delicious fruit yogurt beam home

Hoàng Bảo An

Yogurt and fruit are two dishes that you always like the same beautiful skin effect for women. From yogurt and fruit I will guide you to make yogurt at home fruit beam


- 1 large orange kind.

- 1 kiwi fruit.

- 3 strawberries.

- 1 box of yogurt.


Step 1: You will use the orange peel make mixed fruit bowl with yogurt, so after halved oranges, you use the knife in the middle class areas and bowel orange white pulp, being careful to not cut knife punctured cold hearted. Then spoon the intestines push and orange peel out of the shell.

Step 2: Cut the fruit small and a large bowl, pour the yogurt into the mix and to keep the refrigerator cool for a few minutes soak time. You can add some condensed milk for flavor. You can give all the fruits that you like to eat, so pick the fruits have many varied colors and different flavors to tasty, just beautiful. You can also add some other ingredients such as coconut pulp fibroblasts, raisins, coconut fruit cups dried ... to beam with strange taste and more attractive. You can also add ice if not for the fruit in the refrigerator. So you've done a good food this summer and know. When you use mixed fruit yogurt ladled into the heart of the orange peel to enjoy offline.


Wish you delicious!